Cameron had enough of tying ties forever. Every morning, he had to spend the time to tie his tie with the perfect knot – but the length was always different! Cameron had a passion for woodworking, as an outlet for the often stressful life of a busy university student, and so he decided to craft his own custom ties made from natural materials. He wanted his tie to be both a convenient time-saver as well as a unique way to set himself apart and display his love for nature. Without any crowdfunding experience, Cameron took his idea to Kickstarter with the help of his wife Collette to share their re-invention of the age-old cloth tie. Now they need your help to push it over the finish line!

Cameron now makes each individual wooden bow tie as well as necktie by hand, from the wood selection to the finished product. With this unique product Cam’s Designs was born, with the goal of raising just $4000 toward funding a trip to Rwanda Africa next year, where Cameron and Collette will work with a local woodworking shop in the town of Busetsa. They have a genuine passion for craftsmanship and working together to make the world a better place, beginning with one handmade tie at a time!

A Kickstarter with a cause, Cam's Wooden Ties seeks just $4k to help fund a trip to Rwonda where university students Cameron and Collette will help by working in a local woodshop.
A Kickstarter with a cause, Cam’s Wooden Ties seeks just $4k to help fund a trip to Rwanda where university students Cameron and Collette will help by working in a local wood shop.

Cameron and his wife had never created a Kickstarter project before, or even backed a crowdfunding campaign before. As students, they tackled this with good old-fashioned research and hard work. They learned as they went, and surprisingly they learned a lot from backers and from reaching out to complete strangers! Collette says, “Kickstarter is awesome, they have so many resources and people are really nice and generous with their time to support and help you along the campaign journey.”

Cameron of Cams Designs
Cameron of Cams Designs

“One of the biggest things we learned is you have to be proactive about reaching out to backers! It may seem scary, but you need to talk to hundreds and hundreds of complete strangers to get a pulse on your campaign and hear what you are doing right,” says Cameron’s wife Collette.

Cameron now makes each individual wooden bow tie and necktie by hand using locally sourced genuine wood. They come with elastic neckties that simply clip into one another for a perfect and comfortable fit!

Watch As Cameron Hand-crafts Ties for his Kickstarter
Raising Money For A Trip to Help Wood Workers in Rwanda

“It’s hard as a creator to ask for feedback, but you have to be humble.”  Cameron added. This humble attitude along with hard work has pushed the couple to grow in new and unexpected ways, and has made the whole journey worth it. “You are constantly learning in the school of Kickstarter – always improving.



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Written By: Jordan @Crowdfunding Headlines