Ever since the web opened the doors of e-commerce, shopping online has been the easiest form of purchasing gadgets and tech goods for consumers. Then came the world of smartphones and with it mobile shopping, which made the whole process even easier. But with time, things became a bit complicated. Then came Gadget Flow, saving you the time of sifting through the hundreds of items to find the hidden gems!

Product Discovery

unique-platformSearching for good products on the web became close to looking for a needle in a haystack, until The Gadget Flow came along! This is one of the most unique product discovery platforms on the web. Gadget Flow helps you discover and buy great new products from a large collection of marketplaces like Amazon, Fancy, even from crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

How did Gadget Flow Begin?

The idea of coming up with such a concept came to a young team from Greece when they were having a hard time finding great products and gift ideas on the web. They started the platform back in 2012 with a goal to simplify online product exploration by curating 10 new products every day for their users. Today, they have grown to a 20 people full-time workforce who are working day in and day out to take this venture ahead. Their work clearly shows through the website statistics which generates nearly 6 million visitors per month with more than 500,000 social media followers, including 150,000 from Pinterest and 110,000 Facebook fans.

In these few years, they managed to get recognition and quality mentions from popular websites and magazines such as PC Magazine, Forbes, The Next Web, Open Coffee, local and national newspapers. No wonder they have already managed to get over 400,000 app downloads! Their top traffic is from the United States and Europe with their immediate future goal being in expanding to the Chinese Market within 2016.

What Products does Gadget Flow Feature?

To date, they’ve worked with some of the biggest crowdfunding projects. Some example include Eight Smart Mattress, Trunkster Luggage, Jamstik as well as Amazon, Creative Labs, and Satechi. With a wide variety of projects, Gadget Flow introduces new trending products to their users every day. Based on GadgetFlow’s case studies, they did manage to generate millions of impressions for the products showcased on their platform and social media channels.


This article is sponsored by The Gadget Flow.  Their product discovery platform has 6 million monthly visitors, 100,000+ subscribers, and they have helped over 3000 customers with promotion thus far. Visit and list your project today. Founder and CEO at Gadget Flow Inc, Evan Varsamis is an entrepreneur, Investor at Qrator and Comet Core, and he was named “Global Citizen” by American Express.

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