Analyzing the source of traffic for your crowdfunding campaign is one of the key criteria to creating a successful crowdfunding campaign. You will want to know exactly who is visiting your campaign, how they got there, what ages, gender, etc. Watching these analytics to track your campaign’s visitors and backers will make your marketing successful. Read on to learn the advantages of using this technology!

Not all campaigns get their traffic from the same place. Some get their traffic from Reddit and blogs. Some might be successful with their Google Ad campaigns. Others might drive more traffic through their social media channels. The best campaigners use all of these channels to reach backers.

Google Analytics
The best way to gauge your campaign and create intelligent marketing is by having a thorough analysis of your traffic. These tools will give your campaign the edge you’ve been looking for!

Combine Kickstarter With Google Analytics

Launching your campaign on Kickstarter gives you direct access to the Kickstarter Referrer Page. This provides you with details on the traffic. However, many crowdfunders have reported that this referrer page is often misleading. This is because Kickstarter tracks you based on the last page you visited. They use this to understand what led you to visit a campaign and even donate. However, this means that the referrer page is usually only accurate when visitors pledged the first time they saw the project.

Thanks to the recent update from Kickstarter, you can now add custom Google Analytics tracking for your account. This is huge! Since Google Analytics is free, it will provide you with detailed data and traffic analysis. Add onto that the power of linking analytics up directly into your Kickstarter campaign makes the entire process of traffic analysis easier! All you have to do is add the unique tracking code to your Kickstarter page. This will make your traffic data visible to your totally free Google Analytics account. Google Analytics is essential because it allows you to see every detail about your visitors. This will help you to better understand your backers! Here is a step-by-step guide by Braden Heckman gives more details on how to set up the process easily (10 minutes max!).

It is essential is to watch the details as they fluctuate and respond to changes in the campaign. Like Peter Drucker said, “What gets measured, gets managed.” Your campaign’s analytical data will always guide your marketing decisions.


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