San Francisco based software company Solaborate is about to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise funding and awareness for their latest product called “HELLO”. HELLO is an all-in-one cross-platform TV communication device that will be hugely disruptive in the video communication and conferencing space. Click Here to visit the HELLO Kickstarter, which launched July 24th.

“HELLO is for the people, at an affordable price point – built for modern businesses, professionals, freelancers and creators.”

What Is HELLO?

HELLO is a device that rests on top of any TV to easily connect and provide an all-in-one, voice-controlled connection for video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, live broadcasting, security surveillance with motion detection and more. “We didn’t see anything else better on the market and decided to create it ourselves,” says Founder & CEO Labinot Bytyqi. HELLO works as an easy extension of Solaborate’s platform – designed to both individuals and teams working remotely that expect high quality, ease of use and feature rich experiences.  

The HELLO Kickstarter (Click Here to View)

The HELLO campaign has set an initial goal of $30,000 for a time period of 45 days. The campaign launched at 8pm on Sunday July 24th, and within the first 24 hour the campaign soared passed $60,000 and 130 backers! Click Here to see the Live campaign. The HELLO will ship 4 months after the campaign.


What’s the advantage?

“We’re truly bringing professional-grade video conferencing to everyone,” said Bytyqi. “It cuts out the cost of networked conferencing hardware and IT services to install and maintain it.” Aside from the business application, HELLO also fits perfectly into a high-tech home to expand what is possible and to greatly improve the communication capabilities.

HELLO KickstarterWho Makes HELLO?

Created by Solaborate LLC, the HELLO technology is supported by three teams and several outside collaborators working on a global scale to make the technology world-class. Solaborate is a Los Angeles headquartered company founded in 2012. The platform took off as a professional networking service for the tech industry and quickly evolved into a large expansion of collaboration opportunities and tools for professionals across all industries.

Solaborate Software with HELLO device

Campaign Update


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