The Indiegogo Marketplace has just launched! It offers unique products with guaranteed shipping, exclusive to their platform. Even products that were not originally funded by Indiegogo or were a crowdfunding campaign can be sold there. You can buy products directly from the people who make them.

indiegogo product marketplace crowdfunding product

This innovative platform is not about concepts, prototypes or ideas, but rather novel products ready to shipped. There are no funding goals; the campaign owner is the only one with access to the number of sales and associated revenue. The campaigns have no time limits and can stay active for an undetermined length. The Indiegogo Marketplace is loaded with new and ingenious products in electronics, wearables, accessories, phones, camera gears and much more.

To make it easier for customers to find the things they care about most, a new homepage was curated based on unique interest profiles, prompting personalized products recommendations for you.

indiegogo marketplace crowdfunding site innovative product campaign

At the end of a successful campaign, Indiegogo provides tools and the ability to sell your product in the marketplace. For some projects, it even helps connecting with manufacturing and logistics experts. Bring an integral part of the marketplace, creators can share their stories, control the brand and have direct access to the customers.

To celebrate the new launch, a Pop-Up store was created, featuring some of the favorite finds, best deals and exclusive products of Indiegogo.