In an age where stress is constant, energy is low, inspiration is necessary, and spiritual connection can be elusive, the MOJO aromatherapy bracelet may provide the healthiest solution of all. Have you ever wished you could relax more easily and quickly? Have you found yourself relying on, or even addicted to, caffeine? Has inspiration ever eluded you when you needed it most? Do you want to cultivate mindfulness in your life? Me too. That is why I am interested in the MOJO.

How do diffuser bracelets work?

There are almost limitless ways to use aromatherapy essential oils, however, the most effective for most people is aromatically. From inspiration and energy at work to calming and opening the mind, the MOJO Slap Bracelet, combined with their essential oils, is the most effective way to make it all happen.

Color Therapy Aromatherapy

Using a plug-in diffuser can be great if you’re locked in a small room, however, if you need to move through your day, a plug-in water diffuser just won’t work.

Aromatherapy two essential oils

We haven’t even mentioned cost yet. Finding a “diffuser” on Amazon for less than $50 is possible, however, any experienced user could tell you why that is a waste of money. Cheap water diffusers provide such a small area of effect, you nearly have to sit them in your lap for any benefits. Aravinda is offering not only two MOJO diffusers for $35 (early bird special) but additionally, two 10 ml essential oils! Even if you contribute to their Kickstarter just for the custom oil blends, you have a great deal.

Use Essential Oils and Color Therapy to Clean Your Mind

Businesses have been using colors to manipulate your mood for decades. Fast food chains use bright, vibrant colors to instill feelings of speed and restlessness, causing customers to eat quickly and move on. Recognize the power of colors and you will be able to take greater control over your own life. Functional accessories have proven to be a prominent market in 2017, and MOJO aromatherapy and color therapy bracelets grant some of the most sought-after benefits! MOJO offers their diffusing bracelets in blue for relaxation, orange for energy, green for inspiration, and violet for spiritual well-being. Combining the beneficial effects of aromatherapy with the visceral effects of color therapy, Aravinda has created the perfect way to get your MOJO on!

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