If you have a new product or idea, the way in which you position it is very important. You want your audience to understand and really feel that epic quality or value that you see. Writing a perfect press release should be a major part of any crowdfunding marketing checklist. However, promoting your crowdfunding campaign is not a one-step process. You might consider the following tips for launching a successful press release.

Writing a perfect press release doesn’t have to be difficult. With that said, there are a lot of guidelines and basic principles, which need to be followed. Here are some of the best tips and tactics you can use while writing your own press release.

Do Your Research and Look For Examples

A round of research is always a good place to start. Go ahead and look for online templates in order to have an idea on the kind of wordings used. The 28 examples from FitSmallBusiness as well as the sample press releases from SMEToolkit are worth a look. In fact, you can also download the free press release template from HubSpot for better understanding of the formatting.

Grab Attention with a Catchy Headline

Media outlets are always busy, so make your press release stand out from the crowd. The beginning of a press release — just as with any news article — is the most important. A strong headline and email title (for when you send out the pitch) will pull in journalists seeking new & interesting stories. Your headline should be as engaging, but avoid over-stating and stay accurate. Above all, make your idea sound different — so even the most ADD reader would want to learn more. A good test is if you said the headline to a stranger, would they nod and blankly stare back, or would it start a conversation?

The Press Release Basic Structure

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If you’re writing a press release, you will need to respect the accepted structure. This includes processes such as writing “For Immediate Release” on the top of the page. Another structural item to do is place the publication address and the person concerned details on the top left followed by the headline. It is very important that the first paragraph starts with the date and the your location. This is followed with the entire write up, which should not be more than a page. The final paragraph should have any relevant information about your company and the kind of work it does. You can also add your awards and achievements here followed by the contact information.

Your First Paragraph

The first paragraph of a press release contains a summary of the announcement you’re about to make, because most publications won’t take the time to read through the whole article. If you got someone’s attention with a great headline, chances are this is the second place readers will look. So your goal is to keep this section from being too dry and factual. People want to read an engaging story about the founder and his grand idea to solve a big problem. Nobody will give the rest of the article a chance if the first paragraph reads like a list of fancy descriptions, or a product pitch. Lauren Selikoff, chief marketing officer for Allison & Partners said in a discussion on this topic to Inc, “You need to have the theme and anything that is newsworthy summarized very concisely and neatly. The remainder of the press release is kind of fleshing out the story. But the main story has to get across in the first paragraph.”

Quotes From the Founder

founder-quote-in-Press-ReleaseIt is a standard rule that your press release should always have at least one quote from the founder, or the person concerned in the content. Quotes are your opportunity to bring a face to the product or idea. Quotes should humanize the team developing the product or idea. The founder should be able to write one to three sentences about how this idea will revolutionize or challenge the status quo in that market or in society. If you are having a hard time with a quote, try answering this question out loud, “What makes you and your idea any different from what’s currently out there?”

Add Your Project Timeline

Highlight your project dates (start and end dates for crowdfunding) including the tentative information about when your prototype would become a product ready to ship out to backers. People that are considering backing you like to read that the company has a plan, even if it’s not exactly set in stone.

Avoid Superlatives

A “superlative” word expresses the quality of that thing is extreme or unsurpassed. For example, the superlative form of “nice” is “nicest”; the superlative form of “bad” is “worst”; the superlative form of “interesting” is “most interesting.” Write your press release like a reporter would do. Do Not add dozens of superlatives that express how incomparable and incredible your project claims to be. Readers see this as chest-beating, or at worst they could read it as an intentional lie, and it actually ends up hurting you in the end. If your idea is in fact awesome, you won’t need to say that it’s the most awesome and far above the rest.

Include Contact Information

A common oversight that can render a press release ineffectual is a lack of contact information for reporters to follow up with. Whether you or someone else at the company is the point of contact, don’t forget to include an email address and phone number on the release (preferably at the top of the page).

reach out with your Press Release

Final Step: Reaching Out to Media

After you’re done with the press release, personally contact the media outlets, blogs, online magazines, and other sources that match with your target market. Send your press release out early for best results, and include a friendly personal message in your email. You could also add a link to your press release on your crowdfunding page for media outlets to find and reference. This saves them the time of having to dig through your whole campaign, which they will definitely appreciate. Don’t make writers search on their own for more information — guide them as quickly as possible to your website, and keep their interest piqued.

Now, it’s time to begin building real trust and credibility for your crowdfunding campaign. Go out and fearlessly contact media outlets with your newly written press release as an attachment. If your headline is solid, it will gain solid traction and bring backers to your campaign!

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