In the recent years, commuters have grown tired of sitting for hours in traffic and have begun to explore alternative (and cheaper) methods. Some choose a bicycle, and a handful have even brought out their old scooters, but what other options are available to the tech-savvy commuters? For those who prefer a more unique experience and want to enjoy the ride, there is the Raptor 2 electric skateboard. This skateboard, crafted in Australia by entrepreneur Jason Potter of Enertion Boards, is actually the world’s most powerful electric skateboard!

“Our world is constantly adapting to new technology,” said Jason Potter, Founder of Enertion Boards. “If you live in a city, you are familiar with the stress and cost associate with owning a car. An electric skateboard is all you are ever going to need.” The Raptor 2 delivers key performance and technology upgrades, including interchangeable 360 Watt batteries, increased torque output and adjustable power levels for customized ride experience.

So far, this campaign has raised $45,237 (AU) of their $50,000 (AU) goal, hitting 90% of their funding goal on Kickstarter with 14 days still to go. Enertion Boards is renowned for building high-performance electric skateboards, and we expect this campaign to blow past it’s posted goal in the next week. This campaign stands out because of exceptional technology behind it – updating the Raptor 1 with more powerful direct drive motors that are mated with precision CNC trucks for superior handling and responsiveness at high speeds. The Raptor 2 also comes with Regenerative Brakes that help to recharge the battery while breaking, as well as improving safety.

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This is the perfect gift for that family member or friend with a love for the outdoors, skateboarding, cruising around town, or the environment (no emissions!). Riders can skip traffic and take advantage of bike paths and shortcuts. There really is no better driving alternative!

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Founder, Inertion Boards