Social media promotion is one of the major areas you need to excel at for better crowdfunding campaign promotion. Promoting your campaign goes beyond simply having your profile on various social media platforms; it is also about planning a schedule for each social platform in order to make the entire promotion strategic, smooth, and consistent.

posting-socialPosting on just Facebook and Twitter once a week won’t do enough to promote your project. There are loads of platforms to grab the attention of potential backers. However, managing multiple social platforms at the same time is a big task.

That’s where these 15 tools come in handy.

These are not just tools to make your crowdfunding project promotion easier, but also help in enhancing overall business communication and success. Have a look:


deskThis platform takes a one-time fee of $49.99 and will help you gain more backers with rigorous promotion and expert advice. They also provide feedback and campaign analysis. With 4,955 projects from 30+ countries already taking advantage of this platform, it’s high time you made your way up there as well.


Like I said before, you need to plan a proper social media schedule for your campaign. Buffer is the right tool that will help you get along that way. You can easily choose the social media channels you want to use and start scheduling from beforehand. Just to make sure you do your posts well, they have a pretty well designed analytics dashboard too.


You need to send those promotional emails right during the span of your
campaign. Mailchimp will help you plan your email marketing timeline and send them out on time. If you use it well, none of your emails will look spammy at all.

This is one of the coolest ways to track whether your links are getting the views you desire. Track individual link analytics, gather audience intelligence and measure campaign performance from one location.


Your Klout score will tell you how popular your social media campaigns really are. Any score above 60 is considered a good one. So, make sure you utilize this platform as it’s the right way to be great on social media.


With Mention’s ability to monitor billions of sources in over 40 languages, you won’t miss anything being said about what’s important to you. And since mentions are in real time, you’ll be able to reply right away within Mention. A very useful tool to keep a tab on the sites and blogs that mention you during the campaign timeline.


ReTargeter optimizes your ad budget with highly targeted, real time digital advertising solutions and the best account management in the industry. You need those ads and Retargeter is sure to create the best ads of your project without much of a difficulty.


You get in touch with a lot of new contacts during your crowdfunding campaign. Rapportive helps in showing you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox. So it will be easier for you to reach out to your important contacts easily from your email.


Executing a crowdfunding campaign means you’ve got to deal with a lot of to-dos. Wunderlist is the easiest way to get stuff done. Easiest way to check your professional, campaign related to-dos at one place, at one time. Goodbye Post-it notes.


It’s very important to stay in line with industry trends during your crowdfunding campaign. Feedly will help you set your own personal newspaper. Just enter the sites or blogs you want to keep a tab on during this time and get your personalized news feed ready to be munched on every day.


Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor and find the key influencers to promote your content as well. You need influencers to enhance the outreach of your campaign and this is the perfect tool to find the best ones for your campaign.


You’ll need a lot of media resources during the promotion of your crowdfunding campaign. Canva is a great hub you can use to create images for different platforms simultaneously. Not just images but slides and infographics too!


Connecting your apps to make them work in sync is one of the best features of IFTTT. Catalog important email from your inbox in an Evernote notebook to go over later. Schedule daily or weekly to-dos in Trello so you’re always on top of your work. Sync files quickly from one cloud storage folder to another. Create Google calendar events with a few taps, and keep your team in sync with scheduled reminders for Slack. This app is all about workflow and linking apps together to increase your communication tools and productivity.


You never know when you might need those important documents and images on the go. So it’s always better to save your media in the cloud. Biggest advantage would be to use them from any device on the go.


When it’s about taking those impromptu notes on the go, you can’t do without Evernote. From short lists to lengthy research, no matter what form your writing takes, Evernote keeps you focused on moving those ideas from inspiration to completion. It’s as simple as that!

Promoting your project across the web is not too difficult if you know how to automate your tasks and when. That’s where these tools will come prove handy. Use them all together and watch the how your campaign starts being socially popular from here on.

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