VR company ANMLY (pronounced “anomaly”) is on a mission to bring VR to the people, using the most widely available means possible – through smartphones! With their VR headset, called the Model A, you can meditate on Mars, base-jump in Norway or get a backstage pass to Coachella-all on your lunch break. The ANMLY team has spent countless hours creating a durable, affordable (just $40!) VR Headset with built-in speakers that can connect to your smartphone. For $40, ANMLY aims to make the Model A the must-have gift of the holiday season.

ANMLY works with any phone

What Is The MODEL A?

The Model A is a portable VR headset that uses a smartphone to create a series of immersive experiences. Somebody can snowboard down the Swiss Alps in the morning, stand on stage with their favorite band in the afternoon and explore the cosmos at night. These experiences are curated by a Free App with an ever-expanding library. The Model A also comes with built-in Hi-Fi audio headphones, ensuring that the audio matches up with the incredible visuals.

ANMLY specs

Top 5 Features of The MODEL A:

  • Durable EVA foam body is rugged, unbreakable and water resistant
  • Fits most standard smartphones (works best with phones from 4” to 5.7”)
  • Built-in high-fidelity audio
  • 45mm lenses for superior visuals
  • Use it right out of the box – No special software, setup, or operating system required

ANMLY Competition Comparison

Meet the Inventor of The Model A

ANMLY Inventor - Mikie

Mikie Kriztal (Founder/Creative Director) is a seasoned entrepreneur who founded BrandMatter LA, a boutique creative agency in Los Angeles, CA. This agency works with everyone from startups to fortune 500 companies to create products, packaging and websites.

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ANMLY headphones design

Universal and Modular VR, Enhanced by HiFi Audio

ANMLY strives to be the next major player in the VR industry by delivering a headset that is affordable, portable, and durable. The creators of the Model A want to push this revolutionary medium out of the niche and into the mass market.

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