What does the back of our head, the back of our knee, and our underarm have in common? They’re all places that are hard to reach when shaving! Todd Greene, inventor of the HeadBlade, has solved the biggest problem of shaving - reaching sensitive or difficult to reach areas that you can’t always see - and brought this innovation to the ladies! His innovation, Aveline, builds on the time-tested and proven technology of the HeadBlade. Now, ladies can enjoy the same easy, clean, and quick shave as Todd!

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The Aveline was designed with the same goal of the HeadBlade - a pivoting, intuitive design that lets you shave by feel and you don’t have to use your dominant hand. It’s the same for the Aveline razor — which has the same DNA of the HeadBlade.

The Aveline lets women shave by feel and pivot to hard-to-reach places women might not be able to see or feel, like the armpits, ankles, knees. The Aveline is a natural extension of the award-winning HeadBlade design and technology, but is tailored just for women.

Aveline is the world’s first razor to pivot 5 different ways and reaches curves where most razors can’t reach. Nothing else like the Aveline exists out there. Period.

We want YOU to rethink how you shave, and join us in the revolution!

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“The Aveline is about being real. And we mean REAL. Real women, real shaving challenges, real razor talk.”

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