3×30 Yoga Crowdfunding Campaign

We live in a world where the body and the mind are always working overtime. We wake up from an often unsatisfying night of sleep, eat an unhealthy breakfast, and go to a 9-5 job, sitting in one place all day. We go home, exhausted, and spend time on the couch or the dinner table, watching TV, texting, and sitting once again. Most of our day is spent sitting because we just can’t muster up the energy to properly take care of our bodies.


Two yoga instructors, Ryan and Jordan Thimmig, have set out to change that trend by crowdfunding a yoga video series. They understand what it’s like to have a packed schedule with no time or energy left to stay active, so they have designed a yoga plan that requires a minimal 30 minutes 3 days a week, called the 3×30 program.

Driven by the physical damage they see in their customers and in the society around them, the Thimmig boys hope to create a yoga series that will be available and open to everybody on the internet. “We founded 3×30 Yoga to change people’s lives,” the Thimmigs said. “We believe that yoga has been proven to reverse the damage our lives have on our bodies, restoring them and invigorating them.”

How will the 3×30 videos be any different from existing yoga videos online? Most of the online yoga material, according to the Thimmigs, are “3 minute, low-quality YouTube clips” but the 3×30 yoga videos will be “above and beyond this,” integrating “substantiated information and strategies to begin a yoga practice or to help you take your skills to the next level.”



Their 3×30 Yoga studio, currently located in Orange County, California, serves over 100 regular students. The boys are true yoga gurus; they have both undergone extensive training in yoga under some of the world’s most renowned yoga masters and organizations, such as Pattabhi Jois and Ron Reid of Downward Dog in Toronto (if you’re not sure who those individuals are, just take my word for it: they’re a pretty big deal.). The Thimmigs’ expertise lies in Ashtanga yoga which, according to the boys, carries incredible healing properties. Incorporating scientific healing techniques with yoga, the 3×30 Yoga project aims to benefit the online community by helping them to sleep properly, have energy sustained throughout the day, and reduce stress and anxiety.

The Thimmigs’ yoga videos will be produced for and accessible to all levels of yogis, from first timers to yoga masters. Each 30 minute class will concentrate on bodily nourishing intentions such as “detoxification, improved sleep, meditation, posture, curing headaches, pain management, range of motion, inversions, arm balances, and wrist and hand healing (for office workers or people who frequently use their wrists).” The Thimmigs design their approach based on the daily stresses that wear down the body, focusing on remediating this weakness and making our bodies strong enough to resist the deterioration.

The boys hope their project “will revive and help to shape our greater community’s emotional and physical health.” When you help by contributing today, you are directly supporting production of quality yoga videos that can heal and empower thousands. we will prove that consistency, the most important element to our mental and physical health is attainable to a much broader group of people with this new video series.

Check out their video and their crowdfunding campaign to make a difference in the online community’s health and well-being!

by Rafah Ali

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