Badu Networks: Making the Internet Faster Than Ever Before

Published on: December 31, 2014

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Imagine that someone clicks on your company’s page. It begins to load, but takes excruciatingly long (which, in today’s world, is mere seconds), so the user quickly becomes bored and navigates away from the page. Unfortunately, you only have 5 seconds before you lose 74% of your audience. No matter how much advanced network technology they have, companies lose countless prospective clients and valuable relationships because of a seemingly nominal few seconds of lag.

The technology that is currently used to manage the internet traffic is outdated and disproportionate to the limitless online community and the growing demand for instant connection. Badu Networks provides software and appliance solutions to eradicate this problem by making the internet 2-3x faster. Using their patent-pending software, Badu increases the speed with which TCP delivers data over both wired and wireless connections. Their service helps organizations and individuals maximize their bandwidth and solve TCP’s incapabilities to improve traffic to any websites.

In a nutshell, Badu Networks is revolutionizing the internet as it is today, challenging every boundary and every limitation in the speed of connectivity. Badu Networks’ products are scalable and deployable in nearly every environment, giving their technology the potential to impact every web user and improve their online experience exponentially.

Badu Networks’ innovative softwares and methods represent the future of the internet. And through RazrVentures, an equity crowdfunding portal, there is an opportunity to become a part of the groundbreaking work that is being done. Badu Networks is seeking $3M in equity crowdfunding from accredited investors for software and hardware engineering, material, and the first article. They have already raised $1.5M through over 35 investors, and the minimum investment contribution for this venture is $25K. The campaign closes on March 31, 2015, so there are about 90 days left to become a part of this exciting prospect!

Accredited investors who want to be part of the revolutionizing internet technology at work should check this campaign out before it’s over!


by Rafah Ali

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