SpinPadGrip: Revolutionizing Tablet Technology

Published on: December 19, 2014

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It’s a detachable tablet computer handle! Or is it a tablet PC stand? No wait, it’s the versatile & innovative all-in-one SpinPadGrip tablet computer accessory!

After years of R&D and product testing the team that designed SpinPadGrip is ready to bring their award winning product to market at a more affordable price for everyone and they need your help to make that happen! They recentlylaunched a crowdfunding campaign on the CrowdfundingPays platform seeking $7,500 from the crowd.

Check out the SpinPadGrip crowdfunding campaign pitch video below!

What Is the SpinPadGrip?

SpinPadGrip 2014 Red Dot Award Winner for Product Design SpinPadGrip SpinPadGrip Seeks Backers for Newly Launched Crowdfunding Campaign red dot award 2014 product design spinpadgripThe SpinPadGrip was invented by Paul Robert. It’s a unique and flexible tablet computer accessory which works on practically any mobile tablet device regardless of brand or size. It even attaches to most tablet computer cases. It’s multifunctional and lightweight design is nothing short of brilliant and genuinely makes it one-of-a-kind. Out of thousands of entries the SpinPadGrip came 1st place & won the 2014 Red Dot Award for the “Product Design”category. Not surprising due its design & repertoire of great features.

The SpinPadGrip functions as a detachable handle which at the same time enables you to easily hang, spin or carry your table device. It has a rubber finish which makes it easy to grip and helps prevent slipping when carrying your device. No more cracked & broken screens, tablet computer owners rejoice! Switching from portrait to landscape mode on your device is also easier than ever as the SpinPadGrip rotates 360 degrees and also reclines up to 180 degrees when being used as a stand.

SpinPadGrip attaches to your tablet using unique AutoGrip technology. You simply open the locking clip in the middle of SpinPadGrip, place two fingers on either side of the slip and push down until the clip locks. SpinPadGrip will be securely suctioned to your tablet until you decide to remove it by opening the clip again.

When this innovative accessory is not in use you can simply fold it making it more compact and even easier to bring with you wherever you go.

SpinPadGrip attached to iPad SpinPadGrip SpinPadGrip Seeks Backers for Newly Launched Crowdfunding Campaign spinpadgrip with ipad

The SpinPadGrip is versatile and intuitive in its design. 


The SpinPadGrip is unlike any other mobile accessory on the market! To sum it up, here’s just a few of the great features that set it apart:

  • It works on practically any smooth-surfaced tablet
  • It’s multifunctional
  • It’s very durable
  • It’s comfortable & extremely easy to use
  • It’s lightweight & compact

How & Where Can I Get One?

Be one of the first to get your hands on this cool accessory & check out their crowdfunding campaign today! Once they reach their funding goal they also have a stretch goal planned to offer the SpinPadGrip in a variety of different colors! Click the link below to visit their crowdfunding project & learn more!


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