There’s a water crisis in California right now, as well as in other places around the world. In order to help people use less water, one entrepreneur is working on a device that will make your showers significantly more efficient. Take a look!

A crowdfunding campaign for the Eva Smart Shower launched on Indiegogo this week, and what entrepreneur Torrey Tayenaka wants to do is cut the amount of water that you would otherwise use in your shower by half. The technology is patent-pending, but the plan is to use money raised through pre-sales placed through the Indiegogo campaign to go into full production with the product, Tayenaka says.

Give me the Details

The water crisis is one of the biggest problems plaguing the modern world. One crowdfunder, Torrey Tayenaka, has set out to fix it by cutting our shower use in half.
The increasing water crisis is one of the biggest problems facing the modern world.

If the production process goes smoothly, then the Eva Shower device, which is available for pre-sale on Indiegogo for $149 and thereafter for $199, will be installed between the wall and your shower head.

An associated smartphone app will monitor your water use. If you want to set goal times for how long your showers should last, then the Eva Smart Shower can alert you when you are daydreaming too long in the shower.

The Inventor’s Vision

California-based Eva Smart Shower is the brainchild of a team of designers and product developers working to build the gizmo outside of their day jobs. “We have this awesome team all working together hustling on the side late nights and long weekends to make a product that we think can really make a huge difference in the way people view their water usage and waste as well as help people save tons of water every day,” said inventor Tayenaka.

How does Eva Save Water?

The Eva device senses the amount of water outflow and gradually decreasing the water flow throughout the shower time. We're wondering why these aren't installed in every shower already.
The Eva device senses the amount of water outflow and gradually decreasing the water flow over time.

The Eva Smart Shower has sensors that will, according to a prototype design, monitor where a person is in the bathroom and adjust the flow accordingly. For example, if you turn on the shower and the water reaches your ideal temperature, but you are not in the shower yet but still futzing around the bathroom, the Eva Smart Shower will shut the water flow off until you actually get in the shower. Also, the sensors aim to track where you are in the shower. If you are not standing directly under the showerhead, the water flow will slow down.

Outside of Eva, Tayenaka is the CEO and founder of a video advertising agency and was previously on the team that created Kite, a wearable mosquito repellent patch. He came up with the idea while using a sink in his office bathroom that is auto-activated. This inventor is one to keep an eye on. Who knows what Tayenaka will come up with next!

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