It’s a typical day - you lock the front door, leave for work around 7AM - but today, you come back in the evening to find your door unlocked and your home vandalized. Most people leave their house every day with the believe that their home is secure. But how many of them are actually protected? With a deadbolt lock alone, and you are not protected from break-ins. If you had a Boltivate smart-lock installed, your home would be significantly more secure and you would have received an immediate notification with the option to notify the police, if a break-in did occur.

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How Can I Secure My Home Affordably?

Many people think that the standard lock is enough to keep intruders out, but this is simply not the case in the modern world. Luckily, there is a solution invented by a forward-thinking young entrepreneur from New Jersey has invented a lock cover that is easy to install, works with an app, and greatly increases your home security. They have created the quickest, and most accessible connection between your lock and your phone. This technology uses a secure form of wifi or your phone’s data network, which is much more secure that other wireless locks that use Bluetooth, or standard wifi connections.

The Boltivate Smart-Lock Features

Boltivate Lock allows you to monitor, lock and secure your home from anywhere in the world. Using a secure wifi signal, the app connects your specific lock to your mobile phone, via Wifi or your phone’s data network. Boltivate’s mobile app will then notify you of disturbances via email and phone call, and then you can choose an option to have Boltivate alert the police.

Meet the Inventor

At 11 years old, Tristan taught himself how to program and code. Since then, he has been programming and inventing new security technologies. Tristan founded Boltivate Technologies in 2014, and after the past 2 years of research and development, he is now ready to take his innovative smart-lock technology to the crowdfunding space.

The LockDown feature allows you to lock all connected devices at one time with a push of a button. Simply log in to the Boltivate app and click LockDown. This sets an alarm, so that if any disturbances occur while you are away from home, you will be immediately notified via phone notification and email. Now you can leave for the day with peace of mind, knowing that your home is safe and secure.

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What’s the Price

The coolest part of the Boltivate Lock is that it is the only product that creates a wireless lock out of your door’s existing deadbolt lock for under $100. It is amazing that you can secure your home, using wireless control of the locks, and have the benefit of the lockdown security feature, all for this price. Compared to getting a full home security system that can cost hundreds if not thousands, this is a deal. Go to the Boltivate Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign HERE and secure your home without spending a fortune on a home security system!

By Jordan @ CrowdfundingHeadlines