The Nunulo VR solves the problem of motion sickness and eye strain that is common among the first generation of virtual reality headsets. Their Kickstarter campaign soared past 100% in less than 12 hours! The cardboard frame houses two precision-engineered lenses that users can adjust to accommodate their unique visual parameters. Even users who wear glasses can see images in clear focus, thanks to the Nunulo VR.

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Founder and CEO James Kim has leveraged a background in optometry to bring a fresh perspective to the VR user experience. “I’ve noticed that most VR head mount devices on the market today are created in a manner that does not consider distinct eye conditions. This can lead to the deterioration of the eyes of users as well as headaches, dizziness and nausea.” Thankfully, James and his team at NOONBiT, Inc. have come up with a clever and affordable solution. “We’ve designed the Nunulo VR to be adjustable to each user’s specific visual circumstances, which will minimize eye strain so that users can enjoy virtual reality content more comfortably.”


Shortcomings of Current VR Technology

While the VR revolution is still in its early stages, early adopters have already reported problems ranging from dizziness and nausea to headaches and eye fatigue. These symptoms are the result of several factors, and can surface after only 10 or 15 minutes of use. For one thing, most VR lenses are made of a non-coated acrylic material, which is hard on the eyes. In addition, lenses tend to fog up and amplify the strain and hindrance to the visual field. It’s even possible that the current lineup of popular VR devices could cause eyesight deterioration over the long term.

Unfortunately, the first generation of VR headsets have been designed as one-size-fits-all devices that can’t be adjusted. But when it comes to vision, one size does not fit all. That fact was the chief inspiration behind Kim’s invention of the Nunulo VR device.


The Nunulo VR Solution

The Nunulo VR has been engineered to give users a far better experience, as well as open up the world of virtual reality to those who have been excluded by other devices. The science is straightforward; the human eye has two key mechanisms for perceiving images, convergence and focus. Nunulo VR supports both of these mechanisms, all but significantly reduces chances of experiencing motion sickness.

The Nunulo VR’s breakthrough is its adjustable lenses. Users can move the lenses from side to side to fit the distance between their pupils, and then rotate the lenses to bring images into sharp focus. The result is a crystal-clear, immersive and fun VR experience. The lens frame will also accommodate new types of lenses currently in development. Nunulo VR supports all smartphones with screen sizes ranging from 4 to 6 inches.


Today, Nunulo VR is a consumer-ready product. Those who have tested the device report great experiences. Several of these testimonials can be seen on the Kickstarter page. To achieve large-scale production and get Nunulo VR to the masses, NOONBiT is asking for the community’s support through Kickstarter.

When the Kickstarter campaign funding goal is achieved, the company anticipates manufacturing and delivery of the first devices to be complete in November of this year. Kickstarter perks include a super early bird special of $29, which includes one pair of lenses and one cardboard frame. Large packages are available for business and educational purposes.

The Nunulo VR team has plans to continue researching developing unique VR and information technology experiences, with an eye toward delivering superior – and safer – user experiences. “We believe that effective execution of our creative ideas and inventions are achieved through kindness, respect and consideration of others, and we strive to live out this philosophy every day,” concludes Kim.

NOONBiT is the maker of Nunulo VR, with offices in Korea and Southern California.

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