There are many advanced technological gadgets on the market today; however, when it comes to personal safety, the only wearables available are simple, low-tech flashing LEDs,” says Niports CEO Brian Ro. “With Specter, we have created the 1st high-tech device that not only keeps people safe during all night sports & recreation but is also stylish.”

When in motion – such as jogging, skating or cycling – the LED lights leave a distinct, glowing afterimage that anyone can see. “This feature serves as a safety measure to prevent the wearer from blending into the dark and possibly suffering an accident.”

Brian Ro survived his own brush with disaster when he was hit by a car while running at night. This experience spurred him to research and develop a product that would make exercising at night a safer experience. The design team at Niports studied the wearables market to see what did and did not work. After numerous prototypes, the team finalized the design that is now featured in the Kickstarter campaign.

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There are a lot of workout applications out there. However, many of them are filled with ads or require money to unlock the full application. The Specter application is completely free for you to use to its full potential. Our developer has over fifteen years of experience in creating applications and has put together a seamless design you will enjoy.


Personalization is what sets Specter apart from the sport wearables crowd. From the companion mobile app, users can type, draw, import or download afterimages for the device to display. These images can be further customized with color and brightness controls. Sixteen million-plus colors and 100 brightness levels means that no two users have to display the same afterimages.

“Daytime wearables offer a huge assortment of styles and fashions,” remarks CDO Simon Jeong, “yet typically the only fashion available for night runners has been single-color lights with no thought given to design aesthetics. We believe Specter is the solution for people who want to showcase their identity through our device, while the bright and dynamic lighting effects keep runners safe.”
Using Specter is simple. The wearable device fits snugly on any wrist with its adjustable strap. When powered on, any nearby smartphone with the Specter app can connect via Bluetooth. From the app’s interface, users can choose their desired image and load new images. The Specter mobile app not only enables users to program custom afterimages, but also track and record fitness data such as speed and distance.

Specter’s hardware is contained within a sturdy, waterproof metal casing. Battery life is a minimum of 48 hours. A pair of buttons allow athletes to cycle through all of their pre-programmed images. Opposite those buttons is an on/off button. Most surprisingly, Specter weighs in at a featherweight-like 35 grams.


Who is Niports?

Niports Inc. is a Newport Beach based startup focused on creating high-tech night sports devices. Niports Inc. is founded by a group of athletes from New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Seoul, who hope to provide safety devices for night runners & athletes.

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Written by Jordan @ CrowdfundingHeadlines