Slimger: The Charger That Fits In Your Wallet

Published on: September 3, 2013

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At only 4.8 mm in width, the Slimger is the perfectly inconspicuous charger that can be carried anywhere. You might want to be careful not to sit on your wallet, though!

Open your wallet. It’s full of useless plastic cards and cash, isn’t it? But imagine if your wallet could carry an extra 5 hours of talk time, 4 hours of data, and 95 hours of standby. With Slimger, the world’s slimmest mobile device charger, it can.

At only .17 inches thick, Slimger is about the size of your average credit card, making it so slim that it can fit comfortably in your wallet. And because it weighs less than two ounces, you probably wouldn’t even notice its presence.

Slimger is portable and lightweight, making it the perfect outdoor charging solution.

As much as we wish it wasn’t so, the unfortunate reality of life is that phone batteries die. All the time. In fact, mobile users in NYC reported an average of 2.6 charges per day for their smartphones. But interestingly, 95% of all respondents reported carrying no backup for their phone batteries. And we all know why: external chargers are always bulky, ugly, and require you to carry extra cables. Thankfully, Slimger’s here to change that.
The portable charger features a built-in cable, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around bulky charging cables. Just toss the Slimger in your pocket or your purse and let it charge as you carry on with your day! Slimger is created with a 1400 mAh Grade A Lithium Polymer Battery, and has an output of 1.5A-2A. It can charge an iPhone 6 in the 30 minutes you’d take to eat lunch. Though the Slimger itself must also be charged, this takes only 70 minutes and can be done with any USB port (computer or outlet).

Slimger comes in two versions: Slimger-i (which charges any iPhone from 5th gen or later) or Slimger-u (to charge any Android/USB connected devices). With the Slimger-u charger, you could potentially charge anything that uses a USB port, from a GoPro to noise cancelling headphones.

Slimger has a design for every character and style.

It comes in five versatile colors: black, silver, gold, blue, and pink. Early bird backers on the IndieGoGo campaign purchased their Slimgers at $25 each, and the price until the closing of the campaign (in only a few days) is $31. If you order Slimger after the IndieGoGo campaign ends on December 5, 2014, each Slimger will sell for $49.95 each, or two for $89.95.

Check them out and never run out of power again.



by Rafah Ali

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