Let Ignite CFP Help You Reach Your Most Ambitious Crowdfunding Goals

IgniteCFP offers a variety of services to help any crowdfunder take their campaign to the next level.

Every single day, more and more entrepreneurs are turning to crowdfunding as a means to raise capital for their idea or project. After sifting through countless campaigns, reading numerous crowdfunding marketing articles and maybe even going as far as emailing a few crowdfunding consulting firms to get a sense of what’s involved, they have a pretty good idea of just how this whole crowdfunding thing works. Or so they think…

I mean really, how hard can it be, right? Create a video. Contact friends, family, and co-workers to invest to get the ball rolling. Use various crowdfunding promotion methods and resources to attract investors. Sit back, relax and watch, the excitement building as the pledges continue to grow until the target goal has been met.

But, let’s be honest… it really isn’t that simple now is it?

Sometimes, a person just needs a bit of help to take their business or idea to the next level. There’s no shame in that. After all, your expertise generally lies more in your idea or product, not in crowdfunding. That’s where a digital crowdfunding agency called Ignite CFP comes into play. The team at Ignite CFP will work with you every step of the way to help make your dreams of crowdfunding success become a reality. Their expertise lies in the development, launch and management of successful crowdfunding campaigns.

crowdfunding marketing and planning

Marketers, writers, and designers at IgniteCFP have years of industry experience, ensuring that you’ll receive the best possible crowdfunding experience.

What’s great about working with the team at Ignite CFP is that they work directly with entrepreneurs just like you to get a full understanding of your crowdfunding goals. Then, the campaign content is created. After which, a professional video and photos are created. Campaign strategies are discussed, brainstormed and mapped out. When the campaign is ready, it is launched, managed and tracked by Ignite CFP.

Ignite CFP offers a solution for everything from choosing the right domain name, hosting, and campaign rewards to creating video, text, campaign marketing and promotion, campaign management and tracking. They know how to create great & effective pitches that trigger curiosity, attract a crowd, and ultimately help you receive pledges.

For the entrepreneurs out there that are more “hands on” and just need some advice in selective key areas, Ignite CFP are there for you too. A client always has a say in the development, launch, and marketing throughout the entire process & duration of the campaign. The team at Ignite CFP works closely with entrepreneurs, offering their proven skills and expertise to help a campaign become successful.

Some entrepreneurs simply want to learn more about the ins and outs of crowdfunding and how to increase their chances of having a successful campaign. Ignite CFP also offers a series of affordable & in-depth crowdfunding courses, taught by industry experts. There is no need to travel anywhere and the courses can accessed at any time online from any device.

Visit IgniteCFP.com today to learn more. Choose the level of service that you need, click “Apply Now” or call directly. Don’t be shy about asking questions, Ignite CFP is there to help you with your crowdfunding campaign needs no matter how big or small!


by Jennifer E., via CrowdMapped

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