Live Or Die In La Honda

Published on: April 20, 2015

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Think of the last awesome movie you watched. What was its production budget? $300 million? $100 million? Or, if it was a really fiscally conscious movie, maybe $5 million?

The movie is expected to be finished by December 2015.

Imagine if you could get that incredible quality of film, with the same level of thrill and plot depth, with a mere budget of $50,000. And now imagine if you could be a part of its creation.

A new film campaign on IndieGoGo called Live Or Die In La Honda is funding an action drama that features riveting characters, an edgy plot, and the incredible experience of a blockbuster movie—all in a budget of $50,000. In the film industry, creating a movie of Live or Die in La Honda’s quality with that budget is no small feat—but it’s a challenge producer Jeff Hammer is ambitious enough to take on.

The plot of Live or Die in La Honda is centered around a former marine, Blake Baker, who was asked by a past lover to help her find her missing brother. Once Blake arrives in La Honda, where the film is set, he learns that the task is much more dangerous than he had originally thought. The film follows thematic traditions of film noirs, with rich characterization, complex personalities, and dark, intricate motivations driving the story.

But the campaign is about much more than just one film—it’s about inspiring a movement within the film industry. Jeff Hammer, the producer of Live or Die in La Honda, had always dreamt of filmmaking; at first, the idea of filmmaking was so foreign to him that he joined medical school instead, but he soon realized that filmmaking was his true calling. After graduating from USC, one of the top film programs in the world, and even after trying tirelessly to work with big labels and film companies, he unfortunately couldn’t fulfill his dream within the rigid infrastructure of the industry. Hammer’s experience was, to paraphrase a comment from Steven Soderbergh about his feelings dealing with one of the major studios, “where dreams go to die.”

Hammer knew he wasn’t alone; countless experienced, educated, and talented filmmakers give up their visions because breaking into Hollywood is nearly impossible without connections into the big companies. Instead of giving up, though, Hammer resolved to take his dreams into his own hands and produce his own film. Live or Die in La Honda is about exactly that—proving to all aspiring filmmakers that they don’t have to conform to the industry’s stringent requirements, that they, too, can create incredible films under their own control without the stamp of a big label. It’s about proving that sometimes a limited budget is even an advantage, because it enables filmmakers to use their creativity in finding solutions rather than just throwing money around recklessly. If funded, Live or Die in La Honda will inspire an entire creative movement; and you would be incredibly surprised what rich, intense, and impactful productions occur when filmmakers can realize their visions independently.

Live or Die In La Honda’s thrilling plot is set in La Honda, CA, and is based off the dark yet intriguing film noirs plot.

Live or Die in La Honda has an lean-and-mean team, including crewmembers that have worked with acclaimed organizations like CSI, Criminal Minds, Animal Planet, and Sesame Street, to name just a few. Hammer has already shot the first five minutes of the film to show his film’s potential and his crew’s capabilities. Watch it here and prepare to be spellbound.

The campaign is offering a variety of intriguing rewards that truly allow you to become a part of the movie, from being in the film credits, to attending an exclusive VIP Afterparty, to dinner with the producer or even joining the cast as an extra or a full-on character.

Live or Die in La Honda is going to completely disrupt the structure and monotony of the entertainment industry. It’s capable of making a splash that’ll inspire countless discouraged filmmakers, which will, in turn, bring about an entirely new culture of fresh ideas, vivid cinematography, and true filmmaker creativity. Are you ready to be a part of it? Join us while we’re still on IndieGoGo and help us form history.


by Rafah Ali

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