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Published on: January 13, 2015

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With the popularity of crowdfunding skyrocketing in recent years, it seems like there’s always a new channel through which to experience the industry. There’s never an end to the innovation the crowdfunding field has to offer. But imagine a place where you can learn from some of Southern California’s leading venture capitalist, financial, accounting, business planning, video, and marketing experts, each telling you the secrets of their trade and how you can use it to craft the perfect crowdfunding campaign. Not a bad deal, is it?

Mark Thimmig, Founder and CEO of Crowd Funding Pays and RazrVentures, hosts Crowdfunding Voice every Wednesday at 3 pm.

Crowdfunding Voice, a radio show hosted by Mark Thimmig, runs every Wednesday at 3:00-4:00 Western Time. Each week, the show features a variety of fascinating individuals from diverse backgrounds, all sharing their knowledge and expertise related to crowdfunding. It’s completely free to tune in and offers a wealth of knowledge that I’ve never quite found on any other radio show.

In an episode late December 2014, for example, Crowdfunding Voice featured Mike Will Downey, an author and successful crowdfunding veteran. Downey brought some valuable first-hand crowdfunding advice to the table, such as his belief that “LinkedIn is the paramount tool for telling people about a crowdfunding campaign; because it is a business network, it is now respected on a business level.” In addition to his crowdfunding experience, Downey had some remarkable social accomplishments, including having 20,000+ LinkedIn connections! He discussed some of the secrets of gaining such an incredible following on social media and of capitalizing on valuable connections in your network while crowdfunding.

Another guest, Peter Mehit, is a respected author and business planning expert who joined Crowdfunding Voice to discuss the ‘Three Things that Startups Do to Keep Them In Startup Mode.’ This talk in particular struck a chord within me because Mehit so eloquently summed up the three biggest problems that inhibit most businesses from advancing to the next level; Mehit essentially summed up the huge pink elephant in every struggling business’ room. In fact, I firmly believe that nearly every problem a business has stems from one of the three problems he discussed. As a business planning and startup expert, Mehit offered some incredible insights about starting a business from team building to financial forecasts, keeping his listeners captivated throughout the whole program.

What I love most about Crowdfunding Voice is that it doesn’t tell you the same things every week; it doesn’t continually tell you about how important a video is to a crowdfunding campaign or how you absolutely have to write compelling copy to get noticed (even though these are both completely true). Though the weekly programs are focused on crowdfunding, the lessons discussed can be taken as so much more than that; they’re actionable, immediate business lessons that are crucial for any business owner, entrepreneur, or crowdfunding campaigner.

I’ve listened to other crowdfunding radio shows, but oftentimes, it just feels like the show is a recitation of something off a standard crowdfunding article. The breadth of Crowdfunding Voice’s guests simply adds a whole other dimension to this radio show. Perhaps it’s because, to my knowledge, none of the other talk shows are hosted by an individual who is so engrossed in the crowdfunding sphere; Thimmig actually owns and runs two crowdfunding portals (Razr Ventures and Crowd Funding Pays), giving him a great grip on the industry and knowledge of exactly what the listeners want to know.

Whatever it is, Crowdfunding Voice is a captivating, dynamic show that has something for everyone. Tune in for yourself this Wednesday and check it out.


by Rafah Ali

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