How to Ignite Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Published on: April 26, 2015

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Think about the first time you dated someone. You had no idea what you were doing, did you? But as you got more experience, it became easier and you got better at maintaining relationships. Even though you might’ve felt the same emotions and been the same person, you got better at knowing what to say, at expressing yourself in a meaningful and impactful manner.

As funny as it sounds, crowdfunding is a lot like dating in that respect. The same person with the same story can achieve incredible success or continuous failure depending solely on their approach.

Contrary to popular belief, a small percentage of crowdfunding campaigns actually achieve success, especially on the bigger portals.

In recent years, crowdfunding has gotten a reputation for bringing any halfway decent idea immediate money, as a sort of “get-rich-quick” scheme. Don’t get us wrong—crowdfunding is an incredible resource that allows people to have unprecedented access to tons of money. But it is in no way easy money! There’s a certain way to tell your story in order to make your idea a viral hit like the campaigns we’re always hearing about.

As you can see to the right, the majority of crowdfunding campaigns on every portal (even the largest and most reputable) actually fail—not because they aren’t great ideas, but rather because the campaign owners didn’t take the best approach to sharing their ideas. Enter the biggest secret to crowdfunding success: a crowdfunding agency like IgniteCFP.

Crowdfunding agencies have studied the industry of crowdfunding and know it inside and out, so they can help you understand its nuances and tell the most impactful version of your story.

Let’s look at our personal favorite crowdfunding agency, IgniteCFP, to understand how crucial they are to crowdfunding success. IgniteCFP is not a general advertising or marketing agency; they put all their energy towards mastering crowdfunding campaigns, and they’ve done just that. Not only does IgniteCFP help you share your story effectively and profitably, but they create campaign materials that you can use forever, like your campaign video and copy. They also manage your entire campaign for you, using their expertise to effectively advertise/market your campaign, undertake press outreach and publicity, post updates, create and fulfill rewards, and engage the public with social media.

Now, is it possible to achieve crowdfunding success without an agency? Of course it is, and many people have. But does it take countless hours of research, months of planning, and time away from perfecting your idea (the whole reason you’re crowdfunding)? Absolutely.

IgniteCFP has proven results with a variety of diverse campaigns, from film to community projects.

If you do choose to run your own crowdfunding campaign, between press outreach, social media, providing updates, and fulfilling rewards, you’re often required to put your idea (and your life) on hold for months while you figure crowdfunding out; and even then, there’s no guarantee that you’ll accurately gauge the industry. So in hiring a crowdfunding agency, you’re truly investing in your own idea and your own time towards that idea. With IgniteCFP in particular, you can trust them to manage your crowdfunding campaign best while you do what you do best—creating your dream.

We particularly love IgniteCFP for two reasons: their innovation and their compensation plan. First of all, they have a uniquely diverse team, so that regardless of your idea, their team can tackle it. Also, they put a great deal of time and effort into making sure they’re on the cutting edge of the crowdfunding industry, which is a crucial trait for a company working in such an innovative industry. In regards to their payment plan, we love that unlike many other agencies, they want to be upfront about their charges so you don’t end up losing a huge chunk of your profit later. They have fixed and flat rates that you pay before your campaign (and they don’t take a cut of the profits) so you can budget for them in the beginning and use all the money you raise towards your idea.

So, are you ready to ignite your idea and invest in your potential? Contact IgniteCFP to maximize your idea’s profit today.

by Rafah Ali

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