DIY Crowdfunding Aims to Upend Industry

Published on: January 28, 2015

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A do-it-yourself crowdfunding platform that gives campaigns almost complete freedom aims to upend the massive crowdfunding marketplace.

Vancouver-based Quilageo Inc. has launched a beta version of the world’s first gamified crowdfunding platform.

Within months, the company plans to launch the platform globally as a “software as a service,” allowing businesses, non-profits, start-ups and individuals to create their own branded, stand-alone, easy-to-use crowdfunding sites with unparalleled features and none of the limitations, barriers or commissions that define existing crowdfunding mega-sites.

“There is massive proliferation of crowdfunding sites,” says Eyal Lichtmann, CEO of Quilageo. “There are over 450 crowdfunding platforms worldwide and over 160,000 campaigns launched annually. Finding the site that is appropriate for a particular campaign can involve a daunting learning curve. Then there are all sorts of hurdles, which is why fewer than half of all crowdfunding campaigns succeed.”

The BidOkee model has adopted an innovative approach to crowdfunding and gaming, allowing users to win real prizes from virtual accomplishments based on their success. Welcome to the 21st century of crowdfunding!

By creating a DIY crowdfunding platform, BidOkee offers campaigns value and components no other platform delivers, comprehensive, turnkey ecommerce tools that expand revenue-generation far beyond pledges, including sponsorship, advertising, affiliate revenue, loyalty rewards, gamification, voting and charitable components, draws, customized and branded mailers, shipping, logistics and other features.

Concurrently, more and more start-ups and established businesses, non-profits, causes, social enterprises and individuals are identifying crowdfunding as a legitimate and viable funding option on par with angel funding, debt and equity.

“Whatever the industry orientation of a crowdfunding campaign,” says Lichtmann, “it is time for the emancipation of the crowdfunding industry. The inability of the crowdfunding mega-sites to extend or adapt campaigns based on changing needs of start ups is the antithesis of the sort of flexibility consumers demand and expect in a technologically open internet age where social capital is the purview of the user.”

Darryl Burma, president of declares, “BidOkee will definitely disrupt the industry. It is doing something we have not seen before and is a game-changer. And I use the term advisedly, because BidOkee’s gamification components and loyalty rewards integrations are serious innovations.”

The BidOkee DIY crowdfunding model offers freedom, flexibility and the possibility for campaign initiators to maintain control of campaigns with the added feature of having control of their social networks, numerous customer relationship management (CRM) modules, including built-in communications, rewards, contests, up-selling opportunities, sponsorship programs, advertising modules, logistics and other highly functional components. This allows for the seamless conversion from crowdfunding to e-commerce fulfillment for start ups with the extra added benefit of launching stretch goal campaigns in the future.

The BidOkee model is the next disruptive innovation in the crowdfunding sector, a sector that has grown 1000% in the last 5 years and is estimated by 2020 to reach $500 billion in funded projects generating $3.2 trillion in economic value.

“We are raising capital to now convert this beta version into a ‘software as a service’ and make this unparalleled tool available to other cool campaigns,” says Lichtmann. “We hope to deliver this product to a crowdfunding world eager for flexibility and customizability within a few months, funding dependent.”

BidOkee is offering a free white paper on DIY Crowdfunding here.


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