Have you ever noticed how most skincare formulas have water as a main ingredient, despite the fact that water and oil don’t mix? When it comes to moisturizing our oil producing skin, water offers little to no benefit; it acts as a “silent ingredient,” only useful for its emulsifying properties. Yet, it still makes up the majority of most formulas in skin and personal care products. What moisturizing products do you have that list water as a main ingredient?

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Apriori Beauty has created a new breakthrough in moisturizing skincare with Celloxylin® Moisture Extreme Hydrating Mask with HydrO18™ Activated Water™ patented technology. For the first time in cosmetic history, the water in this face mask will be ACTIVATED and will provide up to 41% more hydration to the skin than regularly used water.

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In 22 years of experience in the beauty and skincare industry, Elizabeth Vervynck, co-owner of Apriori Beauty, has never seen anything as revolutionary as HydrO18™ Activated Water™ technology. Now, Apriori is launching the very first product with this technology in it, and it’s turning heads!

HydrO18™ Activated Water™ technology treats the distilled water typically used in product manufacturing to change its compound structure to one that mimics that of oils. With this treatment, water is able to be mixed with the oils naturally produced by the skin in a manner that pushes water and its hydrating properties into the surface of the skin. For the first time ever, products manufactured with this water technology now have formulations with 70% active ingredients, 10 times more than those without this technology!

Hydrating Face Mask with HydrO18 Activated Water

Besides HydrO18™ Activated Water™ technology, other key hydrating and anti-aging ingredients in Celloxylin® Moisture Extreme, Hydrating Mask include: Hyaluronic acid, Kaolin clay, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Resveratrol, Apple fruit extract, Tremella Fuciformis (mushroom) extract, and Goji Berry.

Elizabeth Vervynck and Susan Twellman started Apriori Beauty to provide skincare products that were safe and effective and also to provide a vehicle for success for anyone who wanted to share the products with people they knew. Apriori Beauty takes pride in developing and sharing products that provide practical skincare solutions for anyone with skin through the use of pure ingredients and innovation.

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