If you have ever loved a particular website design and layout and wished you could have the same for your website, wait no longer because Wiredelta has created the tool to do it! Simply upload a screenshot or a URL of a website you like and get the most similar design template to use on your own site. No more sifting through themes for hours to find the right one until you give up and finally just settle!


Wiredelta also has a comprehensive and capable AI Developer that can help you immediately anytime with anything. It has been operating a Web agency for 5 years now and knows all about building custom Web and mobile applications. They’re embedding all of their knowledge into their AI Developer to help you surpass the tedious traditional Web development headache. No more outsourcing!

This AI Developer will help you not only build, but also maintain your website, saving you time and resources. Check out the demo here! Avoid setting up WordPress and check out how easy it is to use

Wiredelta is working on automating the process of creating websites that utilize artificial intelligence so everyone, even those without technical experience, can get a formidable online presence.


Contributing to the Wiredelta Kickstarter Campaign will get you access to Webinars demoing the AI Developer functioning in both speech and text, AMA sessions with the Wiredelta Team, and posted updates regarding project development and new features!

Learn more about Wiredelta and the future of tech on their blog.

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