CMSWire’s Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit brings together the world’s foremost digital and marketing leaders who are defining the next generation of online customer experiences.

The DX Summit 2017 will take place Nov. 13th through the 15th at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel Chicago. The event will give attendees the chance to gain early access to important new research, learn how to integrate new technologies, develop data-driven strategies, and discover how leading organizations are succeeding in today’s market - and sometimes failing.

The event also presents an opportunity for attendees to interact with peers from leading organizations like AT&T, Cisco, Nielsen, the Chicago Bulls, Discover, Microsoft, Google, the Food & Drug Administration, Life Fitness, Western Health, Home Depot, SAP, Oracle, Dell, LG Electronics, and Marriott International.

Today we see very informed and demanding customers, who equate brands with experiences. That means that if the customer digital journey is a good one, the customer is willing to pay for the excellent experience, even when it comes at a premium. Conversely, if the customer digital journey is a poor one, it can quickly anger customers, lead to unfavorable reviews and social media shout outs, damage the brand and company financial performance.” said Kristina Podnar, the event’s Digital Governance Advisor.

Digital customer experience summit

The DX Summit 2017 will feature a mix of interactive workshops, case studies, and technology-driven spotlights focused on four main themes.

Leadership, Vision & Culture

The future of customer experience, creating organizational alignment, the state of digital transformation, and building modern voice of the customer (VoC) programs.

DX Project Success

CX operating models and roadmaps, RFPs, roadmaps and procurement strategies, hard data on high performance teams, and understanding the current technology landscape.

Commerce & Experience

Produce the next generation of commerce experiences, trends in virtual, augmented, and immersive retail experiences, DX Lessons: Optimizing commerce experiences, modeling, quantifying and optimizing lifetime customer value.

Analytics, Insight & Action

Advance your digital analytics practice, how machine learning will impact the customer experience, leading testing and optimization tactics, and creating personalized humanized interactions.

Check the DX Summit 2017 website for more information and to register for the event.