Recently launched on IndieGoGo, Geekey is a compact stainless steel multitool that can attach to your keychain, jacket, belt buckle, camping bag, backpack, or any other convenient spot. This is THE Swiss Army Knife of keychain tools, which is a good fit for anyone who can appreciate aesthetic and functional engineering.

Designed and Engineered in Woodinville, Washington, Geekey is the lightest and most compact multi-use tool ever developed. This ultra-light, durable and precision crafted 16-in-1 mini-tool is rugged enough for the campsite, backyard, and modern life!

What Is It?

Geekey is an innovative, compact multitool like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The team behind Geekey found a way to combine common tools into one, in a compact design. Geekey features many common tools that are essential for fixing and adjusting many of the devices that we rely on every day.

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The Geekey multitool is made from tough 17-4 stainless steel and actually resembles a slightly oversized key. It includes 16 different features and tools that have been cleverly embedded into its compact design, giving it a high level of functionality for the price of about $30.

Geekey Has It All

16 different tools at your fingertips, all within a single key-sized design.

  • Quickly tighten screws, cut wires, or even open bottles and cans.
  • Geekey fits comfortably in a pocket or on your keychain, while most modern multitools are bulky.
  • Includes bottle and can opener - which are necessities for most campers!

Other tools that are integrated into the Geekey include a bike spoke key, multiple screwdrivers, both open and closed wrenches, and a serrated edge for cutting through rope or other small items. The Geekey multitool also features a bit driver, a wire stripper and bender, a ruler, a file, and a scoring tip designed to slice through thicker materials like zip ties or plastic clamshells.

The Perfect Size To Take Anywhere

Geekey is designed to go with you. Whether you’re out hiking with your significant other, fishing at the lake, biking on trails, camping (without your toolbox), or just hanging out with friends and need to crack open a beverage, you’ll always be the most prepared one in the group!

Tipping the scales at under an ounce, and measuring just 2.76 inches in length, what truly sets the Geekey apart is its size. True to its name, the tool slips easily onto a keychain, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go so you’re prepared when you need it.

Who Makes Geekey?

Geekey is the brainchild of Brad Sliger - an American designer, entrepreneur, and recipient of 19 patents. A meticulous innovator, avid outdoorsman and father, Brad enjoys creating disruptive products that allow us to do more with less!

Brand and the team behind Geekey have passed their funding goal and are ready for production. The Geekey multitool should begin shipping in April at a price of about $30. Early bird supporters can pre-order Geekey now for at a holiday special rate of $17, making this an affordable gift option!

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Written By: Jordan @CrowdfundingHeadlines