Will Harlan and his pioneering team out of San Francisco California, have created Seatdreamzzz to solve a problem plaguing airplane travelers from every walk of life. Whether you’re stuck in the airport during a holiday trip, traveling internationally, or flying for business and need to catch some Z’s, SeatDreamzzz will finally make sleeping on the plane a viable plan!

Secure Your Noggin - No More “Head Bobbing”!

Introducing the world’s most versatile sleeping mask that prevents the classic head bob many of us are familiar with while traveling, allowing you to get genuine sleep while traveling.

This innovative travel sleeping solution uses a military-spec additional airline strap to keep your head supported and upright during a flight. SeatDreamzzz is super sleek and lightweight for airports and flights; it also functions as a premium traditional sleeping mask for home. Now you only need one sleeping mask!

Help the whole family land rested and ready for adventure!

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Why SeatDreamzzz?

How many times have you fallen asleep sitting, only to be jarred awake as your head lulls? Having this happen over and over again can lead to an exhausting and frustrating experience involving zero actual rest. No longer feel compelled to waste money on useless neck pillows or waste your time reading the Sky Mall. Land feeling refreshed and free of neck discomfort!

The SeatDreamzzz airplane sleeping mask has amazing features:

  • 100% blackout yet lightweight and breathable materials
  • Waterproof, durable, washable, and flexible for individualized comfort
  • Military-grade release buckle, adjustable straps with silicone grips
  • Sleek design with comfortably eye-cavity and additional padding for supreme relaxation.

sleep mask meets usability

About The Creator of SeatDreamzzz

Will Harlan, creator of SeatDreamzzz grew up in Portland, Oregon and attended the University of Oregon for Marketing, Economics and Science. Shortly after graduating, Will moved to San Francisco to pursue a career in entrepreneurship.

While living in San Francisco, Will gained experience in Sales, Product Development, Design (UI/UX), Software Development and other areas that have inspired him to develop his own products.

Outside of work, Will is an avid outdoorsman of all types - including photography as well as wood-working as awesome sources of inspiration and creativity.

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Written by: Caroline Everhart