Do you have thousands of images saved on computers, phones, the cloud, hard drives, and chips? I don’t know about you, but reminiscing is a favorite pastime of mine, yet I can never seem to find all the memories I am looking for! Without a “Google search” for my photo management, it always seems a stroke of luck when I find what I’m looking for…but not anymore!

Pholio is a new way to organize your memories. What warm and treasured moments will you forget, simply because you don’t have a comprehensive photo management system across devices? There is now a simple and long-term solution that will have your photos and videos accessible within seconds, thanks to Pholio’s advanced visual recognition technology. It even improves while you photo search, learning the faces and places that mean the most to you.

Pholio photo management How many of your favorite memories are stuck between the fourteen different angles of the same photo you never went back and deleted? Sift through all the mess and get to the real images and videos you are looking for in seconds.

Don’t waste any more time tediously scanning through folders and files. Pholio takes you straight to the people, places and times you want to find. Once connected, it indexes all your photos and videos onto the Pholio device.

Pholio photo storagePholio has been trained with millions of images so it can recognize faces, objects, and scenes. It can even run offline for optimal data privacy!

Pholio reconnects you with the moments that shaped your life. It is secure; only you decide who has access to the library, whether that’s the whole family, office, or just you. With encrypted backup services, security will never be on your mind again.

Photo Management PholioStore files in full resolution or an optimized size for photo storage. With storage sizes from 500GB to 2TB, Pholio is the perfect photo management system for personal collections or the whole office.


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