Bean Bag Billiards: Family Time Never Looked So Fun

Published on: July 1, 2015

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Picture this. You’re getting ready for a family road trip and you’ve put almost everything in the car. There’s only one thing left to put in, the thing you’ve been procrastinating on: entertainment for the family. *dun dun dun*

The kids all run outside, yelling over each other. Timmy wants to play chess, but Joey insists that you bring his favorite game, Magic Squares. Lily wails that she wants to play her memory game, Match Maker, but you know that baby Jillian won’t understand any of it. Your head begins to throb. Beads of condensation form and linger on your forehead. You seriously contemplate the possibility of faking a crucial work commitment and bailing on the impending hours of doom. Wait…isn’t family time supposed to be fun?

The Beanbag Billiards game set offers hours and hours of entertainment.

Entertaining the whole family at once used to be the bane of your existence and the bulk of your trunk space. Fast forward to the most innovative, convenient solution: Chef Anton’s Beanbag Billiards, launching on Kickstarter today.

Whether you have four bored kids or your grandparents to entertain, Chef Anton’s Beanbag Billiards provides a portable device carrying 33 games, like chess, checkers, golf, football, pool, baseball, backgammon, poker and tic-tac-toe, to name a few. Beanbag Billiard games are applicable to all ages and locations, so you can enjoy your games everywhere all in one efficient, entertaining, and easy-to-use system; no small parts, no confusing directions, and absolutely no stress. Once you’ve fully enjoyed one game, you can switch it up from tick-tack-toe to basketball, creating an entirely new experience in the blink of an eye.

The games’ sleek design and simplicity make it perfect for every age and venue.

One of the coolest parts of the Beanbag Billiards is that its uses are limitless. When it’s lunchtime, you can take full advantage of the sturdy design by using the Beanbag Billiards as a table! You can even take advantage of the storage cubbies below the game templates to store anything while using the game. Chef Anton’s team has taken years and countless prototypes to craft the Beanbag Billiard with high quality materials so that it’s intuitive, functional, and ready to take on all your crazy family adventures.

Chef Anton, also known as Anthony Riniti, is a nationally renowned entertainer who has won awards in billiards, bodybuilding, magic, and other talents.

You’re probably wondering how 33 games in one device can be entertaining. Well, suffice it to say that the Beanbag Billiards was made by a magician (no joke!). The product is entirely crafted by an multitalented fellow Chef Anton, who has won multiple accolades for some pretty awesome talents. He is a two-time trick shot pool champion and world-record holder for the world’s tallest trick shot, a twice-nominated Bar Magician of the Year at Hollywood’s Magic Castle and 2008 National Hydrofoiling Champion, and is legendary at Canyon Lake Golf Club in California for making an astounding five holes-in-one. In short, this guy definitely knows how keep people enthralled for hours—without an antisocial screen.

Chef Anton’s biggest goal is to get families to put away their screens and bring back the meaningful family bonding through lighthearted, fun games.

Because at the end of the day, no matter how many apps there are for multiplayer games or online chatting, you always lose the personal element of true family bonding. Let’s be honest; in between each Words With Friends play, kids are checking their Instagrams and Tweeting their boredom, completely disengaged from the actual contact with their family. What app facilitates laughter and teamwork, the kinds of moments that you can look back on and reminisce about? As a devoted family man, Chef Anton is working his magic to solve this dilemma. “The face-to-face time between family and friends is so low in this country – and around the world – that it convinced me that I should help to do something about it and try to reverse the trend,” says Chef Anton. “So I put my magician and trickster skills to work.”

And today, you have the opportunity to bring back the meaning of true family memories by make contributing to the Kickstarter campaign and getting your own Beanbag Billiards in advance. The Kickstarter rewards range everywhere from a personal appearance by Chef Anton to Chef Anton autograph, so you can show your support in whatever capacity you choose. “We’re so excited for this opportunity to get our fans involved in the process,” he adds. “By supporting this campaign, you will be among the first to have the game and experience the magic with family and friends.”

Family fun never looked so easy. I’d say it’s pretty magical, isn’t it?


by Rafah Ali

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