Coolest Holiday Gift On Earth

Published on: November 25, 2014

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Imagine if you could give the gift of crowdfunding. 

We’re all tired of receiving generic, impersonal boxes of foreign chocolate and fancy bath sets. We crave something more personal, something practical and needed, something that fills a void in our lives. So just imagine if you could give the gift of crowdfunding.

Everyone has a spark of entrepreneurship somewhere inside of them. We all have those relatives who are just itching to become entrepreneurs. The ones who daydream of leaving their 9-5 and living out their passions; the ones who always have a new idea to talk about each time they see you, or an innovative “what if this existed?” concept. Their minds are firing and their potential is waiting. The only problem is that they don’t always have the resources or the confidence to take the leap of faith towards their ideas.

But you have the power to change that. This holiday season, you can ignite that spark of an idea and help foster that passion using crowdfunding. Crowd Funding Pays is the world’s easiest and most effective way to test an idea, grow a community, and make a dream come to life. Once you know how to work crowdfunding to your advantage, using these learning resources, your potential is limitless.

Crowd Funding Pays is offering limited edition crowdfunding packages to give your loved one that extra push towards enacting their dreams. Each of the packages includes a jewelry box, a USB key preloaded with crowdfunding wisdom, a campaign evaluation by our experienced marketing agency IgniteCFP, and access to crowdfunding courses written by industry experts.

There are three packages: Onyx Starter (which includes four crowdfunding courses) for only $47, Silver Quick (which includes seven crowdfunding courses) for $97, and Gold Optimum (which includes all 16 courses) for $197.

With this crowdfunding gift package, you can give your loved ones the motivation and the confidence to make them succeed. You can inspire them to take their brilliant ideas and make it a reality. So are you tired of trying to find the gift that your relatives will love, and tired of giving food and generic house items? This is the perfect personalized gift for anyone. And besides, wouldn’t you like to know that you pushed someone to create the next Pebble watch or Coolest Cooler?

Give the gift of crowdfunding, and change someone’s life today. So, how are you gonna wrap the best gift they’ll probably ever get?



by Rafah Ali

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