The Stages of Holiday Gift Shopping

Published on: November 25, 2014

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This baby knows what’s up.


When Halloween is barely even over and department stores already start playing holiday music.


But then you realize that the holiday season is rapidly approaching, and that means seasonal drinks at Starbucks, candy canes, magical Black Friday sales, and presents.


And food. Lots of food.


Because everyone’s pigging out, nobody expects anyone to maintain a figure. All physical standards that you ever had for yourself subside.

Your family plans their Christmas reunion, and at first you’re kid of excited to see the family house all decorated.


And then you realize that you have to get your family presents for the holidays.



Holiday shopping becomes extremely hard because you want everything for yourself and but you can’t afford anything.



You feel like you know everyone in your family way too well UNTIL YOU HAVE TO BUY PRESENTS FOR THEM.



But then you come across this thing called the Coolest Gift Ever, a key for crowdfunding success and guidance from Crowd Funding Pays. AKA the key to success, AKA the only gift anyone wants, ever, because crowdfunding is awesome.
It’s affordable and perfect, so you get it for your little brother, who was always an out of the box thinker.

When present time comes, half the family brought you random items you’ve never even seen, but you have to pretend to like it because, you know, family.

Most of the gifts are the wrong size. It’s as if they don’t even know you. *sigh*
Or they’re just from a decade of fashion that doesn’t exist, but you have to wear it anyways. “Yeah, Grandma! I love the outfit!”
But then your little brother sees his gift, and he’s all like…
Everyone else is jealous of how awesome your crowdfunding education gift to him was.
Your gift was hit of Christmas.
Basically, you’re awesome. Go crowdfunding!
And now it’s time to eat again.
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by Rafah Ali
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